Why Choose Watercolor Painting Technique?

Watercolor is used by many artists, including the painter Chayim Shvarzblat. It is an integral part of drawing classes, among many other techniques (gouache, acrylic paint, graphite, ink, dried crayons, charcoal, crayons, oil painting, etc.). But why choose this technique instead of others? In this article, Shvarzblat, the watercolor painter, shares the reasons to use this technique instead of others.

The technique of travelers

Watercolor is known to be the preferred technique of travelers. It is the preferred technique of most travel diaries. Travelers use to paint portraits, landscapes, transcribe a specific atmosphere. How about portraying your most beautiful trips with watercolors? The technique conveys poetry! The professional painter, Shvarzblat indicates that this painting is appreciated thanks to the minimum material needed. Unlike oil painting, where a wide variety of materials are required, watercolor requires only a sheet, paint, and a brush. In addition, Shvarzblat shares that today there are brushes specially designed for watercolor. They even have a water tank so you can practice watercolor even in the desert! Naturalists, travelers, scientists, many adventurers, such as Shvarzblat, carry in their bag a small watercolor palette to observe and portray the world with their artistic sensibility.

An outdoor technique

But, it is not just travelers who benefit from this ease of transporting material. It is not uncommon to find artists in gardens, parks, and usually in the midst of nature, depicting the landscape before their eyes. Watercolor, although it can also be used to portray a still life in an art studio, is an ideal technique to perform outdoors (when it does not rain, of course). Painting teachers often take their students outdoors for sketches, landscapes, or other exercises.

A technique for studying

Watercolor is also often used to work for the first time. Artists, such as Shvarzblat, draw what they have in mind and paint with watercolors to get an idea of ​​the colors. It can also be used for reproductions of great artists in museums. Students do not always have the ability to spend hours in front of the board. Watercolor is therefore a suitable solution.

The material needed to paint with watercolor

The experienced painter has shared in his Academia publications that watercolor requires very little material, unlike oil painting. Accessories such as easel or canvas are not required. However, you will need the necessary equipment to protect your creations. Watercolor is a practical and beautiful painting.

Choose the ideal role

The role of watercolor is special. It should be thick enough not to tear. But how do you know which paper to choose? The leaves differ by weight. The watercolor sheets should be about 300 grams so they do not get wrinkled or scratched under the effect of water. Shvarzblat shares, that this type of sheet can be found in most art stores. You will also have to pay attention to the type of paper texture. Some papers are slicker and some rougher. You can choose according to your preferences.

Buy the ideal brush

From his experience, Shvarzblat knows that using good brushes is important for learning to paint properly. For example: if you buy low-cost brushes, you will notice that they lose their hair more easily. “It is not very easy to paint on a sheet with brush hairs. It is better to invest in good equipment from the beginning,” shares the painter. Watercolor brushes should have a short handle so that their handling is as easy as possible. Watercolor is a technique that requires care, the shorter the brush, the easier it will be to handle it in the small details. For the different watercolor techniques, read this article. Also, remember to save them well so you do not have to buy a new brush every month. Clean them well after each painting session and place them in a box or case.

Watercolor painting

The watercolor paint is sold in tubes or in cases. The cases contain small cubes of hardened paint that liquefies in contact with water. The cases are used to store these paints for better transportation. They are also used as a palette for artists. As with oil painting, extra-fine watercolor paint is richer in pigments than thin. It is, therefore, of superior quality. Shvarzblat suggests searching well before buying your stuff.

The drawing board

Essential for protecting your watercolor works, the clipboard is found in every good art store. According to Shvarzblat, it is available in different sizes and colors, do not hesitate to buy one, in general, they are not very expensive.

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