Benefits Of Using Oil Paints

For more information about the painting, read Chayim Shvarzblat’s articles.

Oil paints are a popular medium of painting for a variety of reasons. They help create more realistic artworks, and you can include stunning color and light effects. Here, Chayim Shvarzblat, a painter from New York, shares some of the most enjoyable benefits of using oil paints.

Benefits Of Using Oil Paints

Easy to work

Oil paints are one of the easiest mediums for an artist to use. Other more difficult-to-use mediums are pastels and watercolor. Due to the ease of use, many artists, such as Chayim Shvarzblat, who is mainly a watercolor painter, are beginning to use this type of paint. It does not run or move when applied to the canvas, which results in more accurate painting.

In addition, there is the option to make corrections to the work on the canvas. Shvarzblat points out that paint can be easily removed with a knife or other similar tool. This will leave a blank canvas area that can be repainted to your liking.

Flexible application

Oil paints offer total flexibility and can be applied with various techniques, from dense and thick to thin and diluted with turpentine. This is the main reason why he uses oil paints when creating his artworks. As Shvarzblat claims, this type of paint makes it very easy to create a full range of tones and tonal transitions, as well as greater richness in the color scheme. Also, a color change is unlikely to occur once the paint is dry, meaning transparent and opaque effects can be created, while gloss and flat finishes are also an option.

Dries slowly

They are slow to dry, which gives artists the opportunity to work with the paint for much longer. This makes it easy to complete a painting over a long period of time and increases mixing and coating capacity. In fact, Shvarzblat indicates that it is possible to leave oil paintings outdoors for a few days without having to worry about drying the paint.

Mixes well

An important advantage of oil paints is the ability to mix easily with the surrounding paint. This allows you to create distinctive features in an image, such as unique brush strokes. However, the talented painter Shvarzblat stresses out that this is only possible when using the right type of canvas.

Is there something negative?

Beyond the many benefits of oil paints, the only real drawback according to Chayim Shvarzblat is the fact that the paint will remain wet for a long period of time. Wet paint is easy to damage, especially if the paint is touched or thrown away before it dries completely.

For more information about the painting, read Chayim Shvarzblat’s articles.

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